The Snake Trying Class 9 MCQ Questions with Answers PDF Download | 9th English Poem 9

We have compiled NCERT MCQ questions with answers PDF free download for Class 9 English Beehive Poem 9 The Snake Trying. The MCQ questions with answers for Class 9 English were prepared as per the latest question paper pattern. Practicing In The Snake Trying Class 9 English MCQ Questions with Answers is really effective to improve your fundamentals and learn all the key concepts.

MCQ Questions for Class 9 English Beehive Poem 9 The Snake Trying with Answers

Question 1.
What does the poet want for the snake?
(A) killed
(b) safe escape
(c) caught


Answer: (b) escape safely

Question 2.
Where does the snake disappear?
(a) in water
(b) in the reeds
(c) in a house
(d) none of the above


Answer: (B) In Reeds

Question 3.
What is the nature of the green snake that is trying to escape?
(A) harmless
(b) furious
(c) harmful
(d) angry


Answer: (A) Harmless

Question 4.
What color snake is the poet talking about?
(A) red
(b) white
(c) green,
(d) black


Answer: (c) green

Question 5.
How does the poet describe the shapes of the snake’s body?
(a) beautiful
(b) beautiful
(c) ugly
(d) both (a) and (b)


Answer: (D) Both (A) and (B)

Question 6.
What is the snake trying to avoid?
(a stone
(b) pill
(c) mud
(d) stick


Answer: (d) stick

Question 7.
What is our opinion about most snakes?
(A) Scary symbols of death
(b) loyal friend
(c) loyal to humans
(d) is not harmful to us


Answer: (A) Scary symbol of death

Question 8.
In what words has the poet expressed the beauty of the snake?
(a) beautiful and beautiful
(b) beautiful
(c) smart
(d) beautiful


Answer: (a) beautiful and beautiful

Question 9.
What is the literary device used in this poem?
(A) metaphor
(b) alliteration
(c) humanization
(d) none


Answer: (c) Humanization

Question 10.
What appeal does the poet make to the readers in this poem?
(a) stay away from snakes
(b) kill snakes
(c) treat snakes kindly
(d) none


Answer: (c) Treat snakes kindly

Question 11.
Who is the poet of this poem?
(A) WWERoss
(b) ww
(c) WH
(d) well


Answer: (A) WWEROS

Question 12.
What are snakes generally considered to be?
(A) source of pleasure
(b) source of entertainment
(c) fear factor
(d) none


Answer: (c) fear factor

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