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Slogans on pollution: Pollution means pollution caused by any external substance in the environment. Pollution refers to the contamination of natural resources due to various pollutants. The main reason behind this is human activities, which harm the environment in more ways than one.

Nowadays pollution is a common word with which people of every section of the society are familiar. Pollution has now become such a common word that everyone has started realizing that pollution is continuously increasing. Pollution is damaging our earth in dangerous ways, and we need to acknowledge its effects and stop the damage.

slogans on pollution in english

Slogans are a captivating way to learn new topics. Since environmental pollution is an important concept that everyone should be aware of, we provide you with some slogans on pollution and its effects. These one-liners are a memorable way to influence people and bring about positive change.

Following are fifteen slogans dedicated to spreading awareness about pollution and its effects. These slogans are enough to have a positive impact on the society.

slogans of pollution

15 unique and attractive slogans on pollution

1. Instead of being part of the pollution, try to be part of the solution.
2. You can increase your life span by reducing environmental pollution.
3. Pollution is deadly, so please be careful before polluting our society.
4. Don’t throw it away, donate it. Save it, close it. Store it, don’t throw it away.
5. Pollution is for the polluters. Stop pollution get more fresh air.
6. Stop pollution, protect nature. Remember, it is those who spread soot who spread pollution.
7. Keep the trust of the polluters under your feet because pollution means destroying the environment.
8. Be the solution to air pollution
9. Stop pollution, plant more trees, protect our planet for our future generations!
10. Recycle and save your breath.
11. The polluter is the enemy of nature, and polluting is a criminal offence, our lives will have to bear the penalty for it.
12. Take a deep breath and don’t mess up. Stop polluting and start living.
13. Unite against all polluters and do not pollute Mother Earth.
14. Find solutions before our future begins to become an illusion. A clean Earth needs everyone’s help, including yours.
15. All types of pollution are equally harmful. So please keep your children away from pollutants.

FAQs on Pollution Slogans

Question 1.
What do you understand by the effects of environmental pollution?

Pollution affects the quality of life on Earth more than we can imagine. Although sometimes you cannot see pollutants with the naked eye, they are still present in abundance in the environment. Many pollutants are wreaking havoc, snatching away lives and increasing levels of carbon dioxide are dangerous for humans. Increasing carbon dioxide levels will lead to global warming.

Additionally, water has become polluted due to industrial processes and religious reasons, leading to a shortage of potable water. The existence of human life is not possible without water. Additionally, waste is sometimes dumped on the ground. Gradually gets absorbed into the soil and leads to toxicity. Land pollution is occurring at an alarming rate. Eventually, we will not have fertile soil to grow our crops. Thus, we need to take serious measures to reduce pollution.

Question 2.
How can you reduce environmental pollution?

You can reduce air pollution and take public transportation. To reduce the smoke emitted from vehicles, you can also ride a bicycle or take a pool car. It may seem tough, but avoiding bursting of crackers during festivals and celebrations can also reduce air pollution and noise pollution. Above all, it is important to adopt the habit of recycling. All the plastic used ends up in the oceans and land, polluting them.

Remember to reuse them as much as possible. We should also motivate everyone to plant more trees, absorb harmful gases and make the air clean. On a more important level, the government should limit the use of fertilizers to maintain soil fertility. Also, industries should be prohibited from dumping their waste into seas and rivers, which causes water pollution.

Question 3.
What effect does air pollution have on crops, biodiversity and food?

Some crops are sensitive to ozone, especially beans. For example, soybean yields may be reduced by 15% or more. It also has adverse effects on climate, as reduced growth of forest trees due to O3 pollution reduces the ability of forests to absorb carbon dioxide and their ability to help regulate climate change.

Other pollutants such as sulfur and nitrogen can also harm forest and lake ecosystems by acidifying soil and surface water, affecting forest growth, and killing fish and other organisms. Nitrogen deposition also causes eutrophication (over-fertilization) in nutrient-poor ecosystems such as heathlands, leading to large-scale biodiversity changes.

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