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Essay on School Uniform: We all have had or will come a time when we would be irritated because of the school uniform. And we don’t all want the same school day because no one wants to wear the same outfit all at once.

But after a time we all realize the importance of school uniform. School uniform is suitable for schools as well as students. School uniform is the most memorable thing of school.

Long and Short Essay in English on School Uniform for Students and Children

We provide essay samples of 500 words long essay and 150 words short essay on the topic of School Uniform to the students for reference.

essay on school uniform

Long Essay on School Uniform in English 500 Words

Long Essay on School Uniform is usually given to class 7, 8, 9 and 10.

School uniform is a dress worn by students mainly for a school or any educational organization. This is an outfit meant to be formal.

The uniform is suitable for both schools as well as students. Wearing a uniform will help create a sense of togetherness within the school. Everyone will be in the same group instead of a separate team.

Wearing uniforms helps in maintaining discipline among school students. Teachers or anyone else cannot get a chance to judge them by clothes. Even by clothes no one can distinguish between a poor student or a rich student.

While we believe that attire gives the first impression of your personality and background. People cannot show their social status through these protocols. And that discipline helps us to become a good person.

It is believed that the practice of school uniforms began in the United Kingdom in the sixteenth century. Christ’s Hospital School in England is believed to be the first school to use school uniforms in 1552. Students were given a uniform that included a long blue coat and yellow, knee-high socks. Even today, almost the same uniform is worn by college going students.

Private schools stood first in terms of school uniforms. They wanted to offer a safe and equal environment for everyone. School uniforms help prevent bullying. Nowadays students always want to show what they have or what is trending. Mostly they try to show their status. Students who do not have these are bullied. They are subjected to physical abuse and mental breakdown. But the flip side is that students can be bullied outside as well.

But there are some countries which do not want school uniforms, because sometimes the color of the uniform is the color of the army. Students feel the atmosphere of war around them. Their childish minds are being killed.

He believes that discipline can be taught in another way. There is another problem regarding school uniform. The same style of uniform is a problem for teenage students. Nowadays, more teens often dress to convey or demystify sexual character and sexual orientation.

An example of uniform might be requiring button-down shirts, long pants for boys and blouses, pleated skirts for girls. Both can also wear blazers. A uniform can be as simple as requiring collared shirts, selecting color options, and limiting the items students are allowed to wear.

On the other hand, the dress code is much less restrictive and trending with current fashion statements.

It has been many years since the debate on school uniforms has been going on. But many tailors are dependent on making school uniforms. His profession is making school dresses. But many schools employ some fabric brand to make uniforms.

Some middle class families cannot afford it. So school uniforms are both good and bad. But after all this debate it has been proved that school uniform is an element of pride. A batch of school uniforms is a lifetime achievement.

Short essay on school uniform in english 150 words

Short Essay on School Uniform is usually given to classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

School uniform is the most visible essential element of any school. We can identify the student by inspecting his uniform.

It is said that, in the 16th century, Christ’s Hospital School first used school uniforms. There is a debate all over the world on whether school uniform is good or bad. Human rights activists say that school uniforms are taking away their freedom to wear anything. In defence, the school committee says that they provide them a school uniform to teach them discipline and unity.

School uniforms can increase the income of a conforming community. And a business company can also make money by producing school uniforms. School uniform is a formal dress code consisting of shirt and full pants for boys and blouse and pleated skirt for girls. School uniforms can reduce bullying caused by clothes.

But at the same time, teenagers nowadays are more conscious about their fashion sense and sexual orientation, so they do not like to wear the same unisex dress code. But after all those struggles and controversial principles, we can say, school uniform is nothing but a point of pride for a student.

10 lines in english on school uniform

1. School uniform may conflict with the right to free Education.
2. A school uniform teaches students to dress smartly.
3. School uniforms are used to teach discipline and unity to students.
4. Production of school uniforms can increase the income level of any community or business.
5. School uniform is the first identity of a school student.
6. School uniforms can reduce clothing-related bullying.
7. School uniform was first used in the 16th century.
8. A large number of schools have a school uniform policy.
9. Torn or dirty school uniform may be worn with the permission of the principle.
10. The National Center for Education Statistics says that about 20% of public schools have adopted mandatory school uniforms.

FAQs on School Uniform Essay

Question 1.
Do uniforms prevent bullying?

School uniforms can prevent clothing bullying because all students wear the same uniform.

Question 2.
Can a student wear a torn shirt on game day?

It would be strange to see a torn shirt. But if principles permit, a student can wear a torn shirt.

Question 3.
Why shouldn’t there be uniforms in schools?

According to human rights activists, school uniforms are taking away their freedom.

Question 4.
Do school uniforms improve learning?

When everyone wears the same uniform, students will be able to concentrate on their studies. It cannot improve knowledge but it cannot refute it either.

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