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Telangana government has announced to distribute 2BHK houses to eligible candidates under Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme. The price of units has been fixed at Rs 5.4 lakh in rural areas, Rs 5.5 lakh in urban areas and Rs 7 lakh under GHMC.

Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme

The Telangana government’s 2BHK housing programme, often known as the double-bedroom programme, is a commendable attempt to solve this problem. According to this scheme, Telangana government will distribute 65,000 houses.

This massive project aims to provide safe and comfortable homes to those in the society who are less fortunate financially. We will tell you about the eligibility requirements, required paperwork and application process for Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme in this post.

What is the two-bedroom housing program of Telangana?

Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme, often known as the “Double Bedroom Housing Scheme”, is a government effort aimed at providing dignified and comfortable housing to the economically disadvantaged residents of the state.

Plan Telangana 2 BHK Housing Scheme
State Telangana
Total Alocation of unit 6500
unit price 5.4 lakh (rural areas); 5.5 lakh (urban areas); 7 lakh (under GHMC)
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The main goal of the program is to provide houses with full facilities to homeless or BPL state residents. Each house will consist of two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and two bathrooms. By giving free houses to the homeless poor in rural and urban areas, this program seeks to eliminate slums from Hyderabad.

Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme

Telangana 2BHK Distribution

The state will distribute 5.72 lakh houses to the less fortunate. The District Collectors and Commissioner of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation have laid down a proper guideline to execute the process of distribution of 2BHK houses at affordable prices.

Telangana state government will start distribution of over 70,500 units from the 2BHK development programme. This is in line with the Chief Minister’s Independence Day speech, in which he had said that the award winners would get their homes as soon as possible. The primary objective of this initiative is to provide housing with full facilities to the BPL or homeless residents of the state.

Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme

Each house will have a living area, a kitchen, two bathrooms and two bedrooms. The initiative aims to get rid of slums in Hyderabad by providing free housing to the underprivileged and homeless in rural and urban areas.

5.72 lakh houses will be given to the least fortunate by the state. Thus the District Collectors and Commissioner of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation have provided the following instructions to complete the programme.

Telangana 2 Bedroom Flat Allotment

Minister for Municipal Administration and Urban Development, Government of Telangana will start the allotment of more than 65,000 2-bedroom housing units under the Dignity Housing Scheme in the first week of August. The allotment will be in six phases and will run till the third week of October 2023.

The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) was in charge of the construction of over one lakh two-bedroom houses, most of which are ready. Many apartments are being built now, and if they are completed by the allotment date, they will also be included.

Telangana Garima Awas Yojana

Dignity Housing Scheme, also known as 2BHK Housing Scheme or Double Room Scheme. It was launched by the K. Chandrasekhar Rao led Telangana government to ensure that people who need a place to live but cannot afford it can purchase property under this program. May be eligible for.

The Telangana government has made these apartments, priced between Rs 5 lakh to Rs 8.65 lakh, completely free of cost to the recipients. The central and other state governments also provide subsidized housing for economically deprived areas.

Telangana 2BHK Unit Price

The total unit cost (including infrastructure) is high as the state government is also considering infrastructure development. The estimated total cost of the project is Rs 18,000 crore, of which Rs 3,230 crore has already been approved. It has also been requested that the Center help in infrastructure development. The unit prices are different for rural and urban area, these are Rs 3.4 lakh for rural area and Rs 3.5 lakh for urban area.

Infrastructure will also be taken care of, such as water supply lines, power lines, access and internal roads, drainage and sewage lines etc. Further, the state administration requested that electricity connections be provided under the Pradhan Mantri Sahaj Bijli Har Ghar Yojana-Saubhagya. If the Center follows this then the beneficiaries will have to pay much cheaper electricity rates.

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