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Essay on Population Explosion: After the People’s Republic of China, India is the most populous country in the world. With 1.21 billion people, according to the 2011 census, India is very close to China with a population of 1.35 billion. India occupies 2.4% of the world’s land area and supports more than 17.5% of the world’s population, meaning that one in six people on this planet is Indian. It is estimated that India is ready to leave China behind in terms of population by 2030. But, it is interesting to note that India is not unaware of the problem of population explosion as the latest census shows that 2001 -2011 is the first decade in which the population actually grew less than the previous decades (except 1911-1921). ).

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Long and Short Essay on Population Explosion in English for Kids and Students

Given below are two essays in both long and short form in English for students and children on the topic ‘Population Explosion’. The first essay is a long essay of 400-500 words on Population Explosion. This long essay about Population Explosion is suitable for class 7, 8, 9 and 10 students and also for competitive exam aspirants. The second essay is a short essay of 150-200 words on Population Explosion. These are suitable for students and kids of class 6 and below.

Long Essay on Population Explosion in English 500 Words

Below we have given a long essay of 500 words on Population Explosion which is useful for class 7, 8, 9 and 10 and competitive exam aspirants. This long essay on the topic is suitable for class 7 to class 10 students and also for competitive exam aspirants.

Political philosopher Kautilya considered population as the source of political, economic and military power. But today population explosion is considered a burden on planet Earth. Obviously, the biggest contributors to population are poor countries or precisely developing countries. Among Indian states and union territories, Uttar Pradesh is the most populous state and Lakshadweep is the least populous state.

The main reason for this population explosion is the increasing gap between births; rate and mortality. Earlier there was a balance between birth and death rates due to limited medical facilities, people dying in war and other reasons. The whole ethos in poor countries is that the more children one has, the more people will be able to support the family and take care of parents in old age. This belief has arisen mainly due to illiteracy.

Illiteracy is the problem that our country and other poor countries are facing today. Due to low literacy rate the population becomes traditional superstitious and ignorant. This is evident from the fact that Kerala, where the literacy rate is very high, has only 2.76% of the Indian population, while Uttar Pradesh has the highest illiterate population, at 16.49% of the total population.

Poor people are uneducated and see the child as “God’s gift” which directly Leads to population explosion. They fail to understand or anticipate the adverse effects of such explosion which are as follows: Due to increasing population the human land ratio has declined. There is also the problem of food shortage as it is very difficult to keep pace with the demands of the rapidly growing population. Common resources like forests and water are over-exploited. This results in deforestation and desertification with permanent damage to renewable resources.

Along with population explosion, the total number of illiterate people is also increasing every year which is a sign of wastage of human resources. Facilities like housing, transportation, health care and Education become inadequate, leading to problems like unhygienic areas, traffic congestion, overcrowded hospitals, etc.

Many countries have taken corrective steps to deal with this problem. The most important population control mechanism is China’s ‘one child policy’ which discourages having more than one child by imposing taxes. In Iran, mandatory contraceptive training courses are required for both men and women before obtaining a marriage license. In the United States, the Public Health Service Act provides access to contraceptive services, supplies, and information to those in need. Low-income people are given priority for services.

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Short essay on population explosion in english 200 words

Below we have given a short essay on Population Explosion which is for classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. This short essay on the topic is suitable for students of class 6 and below.

India has also implemented some of these measures to curb this problem. The slogans “Hum Do, Hamare Do” meaning one family, two children and “Chhota Parivar, Sukhi Parivar” meaning small family, happy family, were widely propagated by the government to reinforce the message of family planning. Is. To spread awareness, hoardings with such slogans have been put up in hospitals and public places. The government has also introduced the concept of contraceptive vending machines through repeated advertisements through the media as well as at various locations. Even NGOs are being involved to spread awareness and Education among the public. Former President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam once said, “Almost half of the world’s population lives in rural areas and is mostly in poverty. Such inequality in human development has been one of the primary causes of unrest and even violence in some parts of the world. ,

Population explosion is a big problem and there is no easy solution to it. Action plans and strategies should be developed to increase public understanding of how rapid population growth limits possibilities to meet basic needs. Such effective provisions should be made in taxation which favor families with a limited number of children. The spirit of open communication and empowerment of women will be the key to successful resolution of many problems. Sex Education needs to be made a compulsory subject in schools, so that students know the benefits of contraceptives and understand the importance of family planning at an early age in their youth. The road may seem long for India but it is not an impossible destination to reach.

Meaning of the word population explosion essay for simple understanding

  • philosopher – theorist, thinker
  • Ethos – the distinctive spirit of a culture or community, as seen in its attitudes
  • Desertification – process by which fertile land becomes desert, causing rapid loss of plant life
  • Congestion – to be jammed, to be overcrowded
  • Ankush – to control, limit, reduce

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