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One Nation One Student ID Card or APAR ID, has been launched by the Indian Ministry of Education. Since all the academic information of students, including their degrees, scholarships, awards and other credits, is digitally transmitted on your APAR ID card, it will be very useful for all students. If you are enrolled in a school or college, you need to register for One Nation One ID at before downloading the APAR ID PDF from the official website.

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All students are welcome to participate in this program and register with ABC Bank on the official website. On, you can find comprehensive information about the benefits of ABC Card and APAR ID Card PDF download link. Use this link to download One Nation One ID card, then avail its features. ABC Card offers a variety of rewards and credits that you can earn by completing various courses and skills.

As already established, the Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry (APAAR) ID serves as the personal identification number of every student in India. The Aadhaar ID currently held by each student will not be changed; Rather, this special identification number will complement it. All students, from early childhood to higher education, will have access to this identification number. An APAR ID card will track students’ academic progress and achievements and will serve as a permanent identification number.

APAR ID Registration Form

The Ministry of Education and the Government of India are implementing several programs benefiting all residents of the country. If you are enrolled in a class, course or institute, you should register for an APAR ID and download your card so you can use it anywhere. The purpose of this message is to alert you that Academic Bank of Credit, commonly known as ABC Bank, has been established by the Government of India. APAAR, or Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry, is used to create your account.

Plan APAR ID: One Nation One Student ID
rights Ministry of Education and Government of India
Portal Name ABC Bank
benefits students in india
objective of the plan Student mobility, academic flexibility, integrated student ID and easy transfer
total registered students 2 crore+ students
APAAR means Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry
APAR Card Registration available online
APAR Portal

According to the portal, this will be incredibly beneficial for students in terms of things like student mobility and academic flexibility. Students can register online using their mobile number and password, and then download their APAAR ID PDF at If you want to complete the registration then visit the official website and generate APAR ID using DigiLocker login ID. Before starting the online registration process, double check that you have the minimum information, including university name, Aadhar card number, student ID and more.

apar id card

How to Register Online for One Nation One ID Card?

  • You can complete APAAR ID registration online at by following the instructions listed below.
  • Upon opening the above website, wait for the homepage to appear.
  • After clicking on login, press the signup button.
  • For the registration process, you will need your mobile number and Aadhaar card number.
  • Select your college or university and your class or course now.
  • Your APAR ID card will be generated when you submit the form; You can then download it online and use it to collect your credits.

ABC Bank Registration by DigiLocker

  • The notice is to inform you that all students must complete ABC Bank registration on DigiLocker to avail the benefits.
  • You can use DigiLocker to open an ABC Bank account, then use your mobile number to get your APAR card.
  • Select the university name, academic level and other details.
  • Send the form to generate APAR Card.
  • You will receive an ABC card online, which you will need to download to use for various services.
  • ABC Card or APAR Card holders are also eligible to receive several discounts applicable to students.

How to Download APAR ID Card PDF?

  • To let you know that Academic Bank of Credit has been officially launched after the discussion in NEP (National Education Police), please read the following information.
  • ABC Card privileges are available to all students registering through this portal.
  • ABC Card PDF download process is explained in the steps given below.
  • You should double-check the information given in it after downloading the APAR card PDF from, including name, APAR ID, QR code and others.
  • Many institutions and 2 million students have currently registered online for ABC Card or APAR ID Card.

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