NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Hindi Kshitij Chapter 12 कैदी और कोकिला

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Hindi Kshitij Chapter 12 The Prisoner and the Nightingale

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Question 1.
Cuckoo Cook What was the poet’s reaction to the surprise?
Cuckoo’s Cook: The astonished poet felt that just as she brings someone’s message, in the same way poets say, “Why do you become silent, Cuckoo?” Speak clearly.

Question 2.
The poet told about the nightingale’s speaking. Determine the probability of the theory?
The poet predicts that the cuckoo might not have brought a message, or assessed a dovenel’s bombardment, or developed this lyrics for the sweet rebellion-seed bone. By speaking, you are sounding the battle cry for freedom from British rule.

Question 3.
Which rule has been compared to the influence of Tama and why?
In English, governance has been compared to the influence of Tama. Because darkness is black, and its effect has no cause. There was no way left for freedom from the colonial rule of the British. For this reason the poet has compared the British rule with the influence of Tama.

Question 4.
On the basis of the poem, the ‘machinery provided in Indian prisons’ has been described.
Many of the brutal tortures of Indian freedom fighters in Indian jails were given below. They were generally kept with undesirable workers, not given enough food, hard work, hard work like cooking, operating a crusher, working all day long like laborers and not being allowed to socialize with anyone. Many people used to go like not granting wishes etc.

Question 5.
the sentiment is clear
(a) Like nightingales, guarding the gentle splendor!
(b) I ride a motorcycle and empty the well of British arrogance.
(k) The function of the presented line is to describe the suffering of each day of respiratory problem.
(b) The function of the presented line is that in times of sorrow the feelings of happiness become negligible.

Question 6.
What does the poet fear from the cuckoo’s scream at midnight?
The poet feels that Kayal saw the fire of revolution in the middle of the night as a forest fire. That’s why she was shouting at midnight to advertise that the fire of revolution had erupted against the British.

Question 7.
Why is the poet cuckoo feeling thirsty?
It seems that the coal is resting on green pulses, which are in black soil. The cuckoo may be Florida Flowing in the sky, the poet is closing a tiny ten-foot opening. Cuckoo’s tune: Surprised people are saying ‘Wow’ – the poet is also forbidden to cry.

Question 8.
What sweet memories are imprinted on the poet’s memory of the remains of coal, which she is now about to destroy?
The poet remembers hearing the sound of coal ash in the waterfalls in the forests of Vindhyachal. There he has included Madhur, but when heard in jail at midnight, Madhur was not mentioned.

Question 9.
Why is the depth of the shackle specified?
There is divine resonance in this statement. Handcuffs may be shackles for films, but for the country’s freedom and freedom fighters they are no less than the destination. To break them, Britain handcuffed them, on this the enthusiasm of the heroes doubled. That is why she has been called a jewel.

Question 10.
In ‘Kali Tu… ‘Aye Ali!’-In Bhagat’, the miracle created by the aarti of the word ‘Kali’ was discussed.
Here both alliteration and pun are ornaments. There is alliteration from wooden aarti and in Kali-Kali, the first Kalima means color and the second one means disorder.

Question 11.
Poetry-Beauty Clear Poet-
(a) In which channel are waves visible?
(b) Where should your song be? Wow, even crying is my sin! Look at the strangeness of you and me, the battle bell is sounding on you!
(a) Emotions: The fire of the struggle for beauty and freedom had spread across the country like a wildfire. The poet feels that even the cuckoo has seen this fire of revolution.
craft beauty-

  1. The word Tatsam is important.
  2. There is a euphony in ‘Davanal’.
  3. Is questionable.

(b) Emotional beauty – The poet is presenting the difference between his life and that of the cuckoo. People praise the voice of the cuckoo, the freedom fighters do not even groan, the republic tolerates the dictator. In such a situation, raising the alarm of war is a unique imagination.
craft beauty-

  1. There is rhythm in faith.
  2. Tatsam is a pizza staple.
  3. It is a didactic and strange style.
  4. is a rhyming composition

composition and expression

Question 12.
The poet must have also heard the chirping of other birds around the jail, but why is it only about the nightingale?
Surely the poet must have heard the chirping of other birds around the jail, but knowing the significance of the nightingale’s form, colour, actions etc., he completely accomplished the task of presenting the image of the British governance system through it. Actually it is only about Kokila.

Question 13.
Why do you think the freedom struggle and fishermen would be treated equally?
During the freedom struggle, freedom fighters and freedom fighters are treated equally so that they consider the principle as their own and leave the movement. They wanted to break up their portfolio with the archipelago.

extracurricular activities

Question 14.
Which jails of independent India were famous, what kind of tortures were given to those freedom fighters?
Students should do it themselves.

Question 15.
The libraries in the prisons of independent India are improved to inspire change of heart. Found out which programs are running in this direction?
Students should do it themselves with the help of teacher and library.

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