NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Literature Chapter 13 Villa for Sale

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Literature Chapter 13 Villas for Sale is part of NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English. Here we have given NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Literature Chapter 13 Villa for Sale.

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Chapter Chapter 13
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NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Literature Chapter 13 Villa for Sale

lesson practice
(page 95)

Question 1.
If you could buy your dream home today, what specific features would you want in your home? Write them in the bubbles below.
NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Literature Chapter 13 Villa for Sale Q.1.1
various answers
NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Literature Chapter 13 Villa for Sale Q.1.2

Question 2.
Discuss similarities and your dream home with your partner.
Discussion will take place with a peer at the class level. Below are some pointers to enable healthy discussion.
Not all houses may conform to the physical characteristics of the ideal house given under 1 above. Therefore students can discuss the difference on the following points:

  • Similarities : Rooms, sunlight, ventilation, electricity, gas, water, location, roadside position, telephone, drainage, parks, etc.
  • pointed out the inequalities : Location, direction of the house, ventilation availability of rooms, bathrooms, drainage, electricity, water, telephone, access to road network, sanitation, parks etc.

Students note that not everyone has or may not have good or ideal homes. Some live in posh areas, some in semi-urban areas, while some do not live in good houses. The above points can be the headings under which they can discuss the similarities and differences. They may add some more features themselves.

Question 3.
Now, read the play.
Please read the play yourself.

Question 4.
Copy and complete the following paragraphs about the theme of the play using the clues given in the box below. Remember that there are more clues than necessary.
NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Literature Chapter 13 Villa for Sale Q.4
Juliet, the owner of a villa, wants (1) ………. This is because he needs (2) …….. Moreover, he is not in the (3) …….. of the house. Jean and Gaston, a couple, visit him with the aim of (4) ………villa. While Jean is about to buy (5)……, Gaston hates the idea because he doesn’t want his (6)……. In that house. Besides this, he also gets a demand price of (7)……. To be expensive. While Jean and Juliet walk around the house, another customer (8)……. And starts talking to Gaston (9)……. He will be Juliet’s husband. Gaston (10)……. A deal with the customer by which he is able to give (11)…… and (12)…… to the owner. A thousand francs for yourself.

  1. Sell
  2. Wealth
  3. kind glance
  4. Buying
  5. Enthusiastic
  6. in-laws
  7. 300 thousand francs
  8. Comes in
  9. taking
  10. strikes
  11. 200 thousand francs
  12. Keep

Question 5.
Answer the following questions briefly.

  1. Why does Jean want to buy a villa? (v. imp)
  2. Why is Gaston not interested in buying the villa in the beginning? (v. imp)
  3. Mrs. Al Smith makes several statements about French. Pick two and explain them.
  4. Juliet says, “…….. Now I have only one idea to get rid of that wretched place.
    I will sacrifice it at any cost.” Does she stick to her words? why why not ?
  5. Who is better at business – Juliette or Gaston? Why ?
  6. Do you like/dislike Gaston? give your reasons.

1. Jean wants to buy a villa because she doesn’t have a proper and spacious house. According to Gaston, she wants to buy a villa for her parents and sister’s children to live in. But it seems clear that he is not much impressed by the fact that a villa has all the modern amenities like electricity, gas, water, telephone, drainage etc.

2. Gaston is initially not interested in purchasing the villa. This is because he does not want Jean’s parents and his sister’s children to live in it. He says he is not loved by his family. Then he can’t leave the money because he doesn’t want to pay for it.


  1. “You French people have a beautiful way of doing business’-
    This means that French people are smart because they don’t give all the information at once. For example, a board reads ‘Villa for Sale’. But there is no price marked on it.
  2. ‘The French usually have to consult about ten people before moving forward’-
    This means that the French people cannot decide for themselves. But they depend on many people to reach the decision. What he means is that French people are extroverts. They depend on others for decisions.

4. Yes, as far as selling is concerned, Juliet stands by her word. Luckily, things turned out in his favor. Gaston remains seated while he and Jean go upstairs. Mrs. Al Smith is in a hurry to buy the villa. He comes. She makes a deal with Gaston, treating him as the housekeeper. Gaston sells it for 300,000 francs and buys the villa for 200,000 francs. Juliet doesn’t know this. But she is happy that the deal went through, even though she wanted to sell it for 100,000 francs.

5. Looking at the situation given in the play we would say that Gaston is better at business. This is because he earns 100,000 francs without investing a single penny. This means that business is simply about making money in some way or the other. However, the incident depicted in the play is unlikely to occur in real-life situations. We can call it a dubious deal which is not capable of sustaining.

Juliet can also be said to be better in business on one basis. Whether she makes a fair deal with Gaston may be open to investigation, though. But he is better than Gaston because legally he is right. But Gaston will fail when the law takes its course on his case.

6. We have some mixed feelings about Gaston. He is an example of meanness, greed, cunningness, cunningness and dishonesty. As a good person he cannot be defended. That’s why we have complete dislike for him. Firstly, he is uncooperative and careless towards his wife. He is cruel in his behavior towards Jean. He shows his meanness by expressing his hatred towards her parents. He has spent her dowry and has become fat on it. He is a cheater and a fraud in his dealings with Mrs. Al Smith. He proves to be his undoing due to his greed, cunningness and dark villainy. How cleverly he made 100,000 francs without spending a single penny! It’s something that defines him!

Question 6.
Read the following quotations and answer the questions by choosing the correct option:
(A) But this sign has been hanging on the gate for over a month and I’m beginning to fear that the day I bought it was the day I was a real fool.
(A) Why is Juliet disappointed?

  1. He is not able to get the role of a cook in films.
  2. Her maid is leaving because she has got a role in the movies.
  3. He is unable to find any suitable buyer for his villa.
  4. Gaston is offering a very low price for the villa.

(B) Why does she call herself a fool?

  1. He has decided to sell his villa.
  2. There are no buyers for the villa.
  3. He bought the villa for more than its value.
  4. The villa was very close to the film studio.

(B) ‘But your parents will occupy it every year from the beginning of spring to the end of September. What’s more, they will bring with them the entire tribe of your sister’s children.’
(A) What does Gaston mean by ‘taking possession’?

  1. His parents will be with him for a long time.
  2. Juliet’s sister has many children.
  3. Gaston doesn’t like children.
  4. Juliet’s sister’s children are treated badly.

(C) ‘While you were up there, I was thinking a lot about your Papa and Mama.’
(A) What is the discrepancy between what Gaston said before and what he says now?

  1. Earlier he did not want Juliet’s parents to live with him but now he is showing concern for them.
  2. Earlier he wanted Juliet’s parents to live with him but now he does not want them to come to him.
  3. Earlier he wanted to buy a house for them but now he wants them to come and live in his villa.
  4. Earlier he lived in Juliet’s parents’ villa but now he wants them to live with him and Juliet.

(B) What does the above statement reveal about Gaston’s character?

  1. He is mean.
  2. He is an opportunist.
  3. He is a caring person.
  4. He is a hypocrite.

(A) (A) 3
(b) 2
(B) (A) 1
(c) (a) 1
(b) 2

Question 7.
Select words from the box to describe the characters in the play as shown by the following lines. You can take the words from the box given on the next page.
NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Literature Chapter 13 Villa for Sale Q.7.1
NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Literature Chapter 13 Villa for Sale Q.7.2
NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Literature Chapter 13 Villa for Sale Q.7.3

listening act
Question 8.
Listen carefully to the description of any villa on sale. Based on the information, make a sketch of the described villa.
Please draw the sketch of the villa yourself.

Question 9.
You are Jean. After coming home you realize that the villa was not actually purchased and that your husband has fooled both you and the landlady of the villa. You are filled with anger, hatred and helplessness because of your husband’s betrayal. Write down your feelings in the form of a diary entry.
20 August, 20…… 8.30 pm
I think this is the saddest day of my life! I feel that my husband has not only fooled me but also cheated me and the landlady, Mrs. Juliet. His villa was on sale for a nominal sum. It was well located and the location was very beautiful. It was a short distance from Joinville, French Hollywood. Therefore its location was strategic and ideal. This could be the best place to live. So I liked it but my husband refused to buy it. When I asked him that he had become fat because of my dowry, he showed his cruelty to me.

He said that he had spent it a long time ago. But I know he made a lot of money from it. Then hatred and contempt for my parents developed in his mind. What a fool he is! He is greedy, cruel and dishonest. How shrewdly he sold Mrs. Juliet’s villa to Mrs. Al Smith for 300,000 francs! He presented before her that he was the owner of the villa. Strange that he bought the same thing from her for 200,000 francs. In this way he earned 10,000 francs by deceiving Mrs. Juliet without spending a single penny on his own part. I feel ashamed of such a greedy, cruel and despicable person. I hate him to the core of my heart. I will never forgive him. I will see what I should do to deal with such a crooked person.

Question 10.
Now dramatize the play. Form groups of eight to ten students. Within each group, you must select

  • A director, who will be in overall charge of the presentation of the group.
  • Artists to play different roles.
  • Someone must be in charge of the costumes.
  • Someone must be in charge of the props.
  • A pointer.

Within your groups, make sure that you

  • If you are acting, read both scenes, not just your role in one scene.
  • Discuss and agree on stage directions.
  • Read and discuss the characterization.
  • Rehearse regularly before the actual presentation.

The stage may be very simple, with exits on either side representing doors to the outside and the rest of the house respectively.
All these instructions should be followed while staging a play at class level. This staging is teacher-centric, that is, it is mainly because of them. Therefore he should ensure that Soul The drama has been portrayed accurately through acting, dialogue, facial expressions, clothing, age, body language etc.

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