NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Hindi Vasant Chapter 10

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Hindi Vasant Chapter 10 Doodle

question practice
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from the story

Question 1. What is the use of fat people in the story? About whom and why was it said?
Answer :
In ‘What is the use of small things’ – It has been said for those children who did not do any work and became fly and idlers, hence it is said that if they fly the work out of their hands then they do not work far. They were doing all their work as servants, they did not want to do any work, they were getting fat just by eating.

Question 2. What was the condition of the house due to the fussy children?
Answer :
Children, you did not want to do any work, on the basis of salary, they spread so much stuff and work in the work place that it seemed as if a storm had come, due to their fuss, the house got in the next condition.
(K) Garbage in the house and filth spread all around?
(b) was swept and wiped and only its coins were taken out
(Yes) Potholes, buckets, pots, pots, plastics were all spread here and there in the house.
(d) Wolves and chickens kept roaming here and there in the house.
(e) There was loss of pulses, rice, scarf, milk, bushes, plaster etc.

Question 3. “Either marry the child Raj or keep me.” When did Amma say? And what was the result?
Answer :
“Either keep me or share the kingdom with the child” This was said at the time when the children had decided to work for the salary, but they pretended so much in the name of work that it seemed like home. There was a storm in Thaiska, the result was that
(K) The maid said that either the children should be made to work or they should be given work.
(b) He embarked on a dangerous journey to reach his empire in Agra.
(Yes) Abba called those children again: warned them not to touch any work

Question 4. What messaging service is the story ‘Kamachor’?
Answer :
The story of ‘Kamchhor’ gives us the message that children should not be told completely about servants, they should be encouraged to do small tasks right from childhood, they should be taught the importance of morality and labour, they should develop interest in work, so that children Do not buy load for idlers, alvanis and parents

Question 5. The children decided that no matter what happens now, they will not even move and drink water.
Answer :
It can be said in such a story that the children eventually decided not to work, that they will not learn any work, they will often have the tendency of laziness, worklessness, and wastefulness and one day they will be responsible for their parents, family, society and country. It will be overshadowed by politics, no one wants to see it.

ahead of the story

Question 1. Be it general household work or personal work, why is it necessary for every person to do it according to his capacity?
Answer :
Every person should do the general household responsibilities or his personal work according to his capacity.
(K) This way the work is done correctly and smoothly
(b) There is no consensus among the family members that if ‘that’ person is not working then why am I involved?
(Yes) Watch people at home working; even small children automatically develop the habit of working; they are saved from the habit of stealing.
(d) The health of the person remains good and the environment of the house also becomes pleasant.

Question 2. How can a complete family become happy and how can there be change? Decision based on doodle story
Answer :
A well-run family can become happy as per the approval. Every member of the house should work diligently without considering it as a load and should do the work with full devotion and honesty. If his work is more than that of other members, then compare him with the person who works less. Do not do it at all. Apart from this, on the basis of Kamchoor story, it can also be said that the habit of working should be inculcated in the children, otherwise due to sudden responsibilities on them, they cannot start the work in the right way. can be made a pleasant, full family change can then be made; When the members of the family are reluctant to do the work, they try to do the work on the strength of inducements etc., then they try to do the work in a wrong way and do everything badly without even doing their work. There is a change in the house from the approved accommodation on the servants.

Question 3. What kind of supports and what kind of burden can a child’s parents have as he or she grows up? Express your thoughts based on the doodle story
Answer :
On the basis of the story of ‘Kamchor’, it is known that when children grow up, they can become co-workers in the work of their parents, if they help in their work, then they are responsible for their part of the work and do the work with full responsibility. .

When children grow up, they can become a burden on their parents when they can impose restrictions on their parents for everything. In the story ‘Kamchor’, you did not even win water by shaking the child. They imposed restrictions on servants for every job. They became floppy and worthless. He was not taught the habit of working since childhood. He had become fat after eating so much and had become a breadwinner for the family.

Question 4. Is the story of ‘Kamchor’ the story of a nuclear family or a joint family? What is the difference between these two types of families?
Answer :
The story of ‘Kamchor’ is the story of a joint family. When the children started working in the lantern of salary, they did it in a disorganized manner, apart from their parents, Hajjan mother, Bani didi, aunt, elder sister, Mughalani Nao, uncle also worked in one way or the other. Was impressed. This shows that these people also lived together in a family, which is the identity of a joint family. Both such families have the following differences
(K) In a nuclear family, children live with their parents, whereas in a joint family, apart from the parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents, aunts and their children also live together.
(b) The children involved in this get less love from their parents in a nuclear family, whereas in a joint family this lack is compensated by other members of the family.
(Yes) In a nuclear family, when parents go to work, children are left alone and feel unsafe, whereas in a joint family, they do not live alone.
(d) Children in nuclear families do not get socialization whereas children in joint families learn it among other members and they become better citizens as a result of the lessons taught to them by their grandmothers.

guess and imagine

Question 1. What could be the reason for firing a domestic servant? Consider.
Answer :
The removal of a domestic servant can be omitted in the post operand.
(K) When a servant does not do his work faithfully and commits theft.
(b) When the number of servants exceeds the requirement.
(Yes) There is a sudden decrease in household income and this decrease is likely to last for a long time.
(d) All the members of the house start taking responsibility for their own work and also help in the work of elders.
(e) Servants started going on leave frequently and demanding salary increases.

Question 2. The story depicts the boisterous children of a prosperous family. Why do you think they would have this habit? What suggestions would you give them to stay well?
Answer :
In my estimation, children from rich families will have habits like this
(K) Due to lack of time, parents will not be able to do their work themselves and the statements of the children’s servants will be given below.
(b) Children will not be told the importance of good, due to this they are considering physical labor as inferior.
(Yes) They will remain silent saying that working in a rich family would be against their dignity.
(d) They will not be taught the habit of working by their parents since childhood.

Give them the following tips to stay well
(K) They should be motivated to do small tasks and they should also work with them so that they inspire the elders to do the work.
(b) They should understand the importance of physical labor and how useful it is for health, family and society.
(Yes) I will explain to them the importance of work through inspiring stories – biographies of great men and Panchatantra books.

Question 3. Read an article about the biography of a successful person, the life of his colleagues and a well-organized working style.
Answer :
Students read and write about the biography of Mahatma Gandhi and his well-organized work style.

matter of language

  • ‘Eight hands carrying clean buckets poured into four places.’ Bedhuli is formed by placing ‘Bay’ before the word Dhuli. Meaning ‘without drum’ ‘Bay’ is a prefix. Some other words formed from the prefix ‘Bay’ are absurd, dishonest, demon, unconscious etc. You can also find words formed from the following prefixes:

1. Q……………………..
2. Come……………………..
3. Fill……………………..
4. Bad. ,

Answer :

Words with prefixes.

Q. Sermon, sermon, purpose, publicity, publicity, publicity, vogue, departure etc.
Aa Aagat, Amraan, Aajanam, Restaurant, Sangaand etc.
Completeness, fullness, fullness, completeness etc.
Infamous, unlucky, unlucky, ill-mannered, ugly, ill-mannered etc.

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Hindi Vasant

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