NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English An Alien Hand Chapter 8 The Bear Story

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NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English A Foreign Hand Chapter 8 The Story of the Bear is part of NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English. Here we have given NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English An Alien Hand Chapter 8 The Bear’s Story.

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English An Alien Hand Chapter 8 The Bear’s Story

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answer the following questions :
Question 1.
Where did the woman find the bear cub? How did he pick it up?
The woman found a bear cub in a dense forest near her house. She brought it to the bottle with the help of the cook.

Question 2.
The bear grew up but “he was the friendliest bear”. Give three examples to prove this. (small ghost)
The bear was the most friendly bear. He never dreamed of harming anyone, man or animal. He looked after the cattle grazing in the field cordially but did not cause any harm to them. Sometimes he would go to the stable with his mistress. The three horses present there did not feel bad at all. Children used to ride on his back. More than once he was found sleeping between his paws.

Question 3.
What did the bear eat? There were two things he was not allowed to do. what were they doing ?
Bears ate the same food as dogs and often ate from the same plate. They ate bread, porridge, potatoes, cabbage and turnips. Like all bears, he was also a vegetarian and he liked fruits the most. He was not allowed to climb the apple trees and eat them. He was not even allowed to touch the bee hive.

Question 4.
When was the bear chained? Why ?
Usually the bear was chained only at night. But on Sunday the woman went to meet her sister who lived on the other side of the mountain lake. It was not safe to go into the forest with a bear. Therefore on Sunday the bear remained tied with chains the whole day.

Question 5.
What happened when the woman was going to her sister’s house on a Sunday? What did the woman do? What was the bear’s reaction? (small ghost)
One Sunday the woman was going to her sister’s house. He heard the sound of tree branches breaking in the forest. She looked back and became very angry when she saw the bear coming after her. In his stern tone he asked her to go back. It seemed that the bear did not hear me. Then the woman noticed that the bear had also lost its new collar. He hit the bear with his umbrella so hard that it broke into two pieces. The bear stopped and opened his mouth several times as if he wanted to say something. Then the bear turned and went back. However, every now and then he would stop to look back at the woman. At last the woman turned her gaze away from him.

Question 6.
Why was the bear looking sorry for himself in the evening? Why did the cook get angry at his mistress? (v. imp)
In the evening the bear was feeling sorry for himself. The poor creature remained chained the whole day. He did not like being tied in chains. He was waiting for the woman to come and leave him. However, when the woman arrived she started scolding the bear. He also threatened to punish him. The cook heard this and went out of the kitchen. She was angry at her mistress because she loved the bear very much. She knew that the bear was as gentle as an angel. So he asked his mistress to bless him instead of scolding him.


Discuss the following topics in groups.
Question 1.
Most people keep dogs and cats as pets. Can you think of some unusual pets that people keep?
Not long ago, many Indians kept many wild animals as pets. These included not only deer and bears but also wolves and tigers. There are many snake charmers in our country who keep snakes as pets. Some foreigners and even Indians in the south also have crocodiles.

Question 2.
The other bear did not attack the woman because it was afraid of her. Do you agree? (small ghost)
It seems that it was the woman’s confidence that scared the bear away. He thought it was his pet bear. He treated him like one treats his dog or cat. His fearlessness apparently frightened the bear.

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