NCERT Accountancy Book Class 11,12 Free PDF Download (Eng & Hindi)

Here you can download free pdf of latest NCERT Accountancy Books for Class 11 and 12Available in both English and Hindi

Latest (2023-24) Edition – NCERT Accountancy Book Class 11,12 (English) Instant PDF Download

Latest (2023-24) Edition – NCERT Accountancy Book Class 11,12 (Hindi) Instant PDF Download

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  • NCERT Accountancy Books in Hindi for Class 11 Part-2 – download pdf
  • NCERT Accountancy Books in Hindi for Class 12 Part-1 – download pdf
  • NCERT Accountancy Books in Hindi for Class 12 Part-2 – download pdf

Download Free NCERT Solutions PDF for Class 6th to 12th.

Why should you prefer only NCERT books for preparation?

It is generally said that books are man’s best friend. Books play an important role in our lives. They give us knowledge and teach us about different aspects of life. Different books give us different information. It depends on us what kind of books we choose for ourselves.

Different schools prefer different books as per the syllabus. While other students who prepare for some entrance or competitive exams choose books that will help them prepare properly and score well in the exam. many of them like NCERT books, But the question here is why should one prefer NCERT books?

There are many reasons why one should prefer NCERT books. The price of these books is low. The language and style of the book is easy and simple. Therefore, whoever reads it will be able to easily understand all the points and concepts of the book.

N c E r T Books give students detailed information about various subjects. There is no exaggeration. All the information is to the point. They help us save our time due to easy language and accurate information. The student does not need to read any unnecessary information and all the basics become clear from this information.

If one has followed all the things mentioned in the book then these books will help the students to score sufficient marks. These are light in weight and easy to carry. Moreover, NCERT books have questions at the end of every chapter. With this, the student gets a clear idea of ​​what type of questions may come in the exam. If the questions given in the book are solved thoroughly then one becomes habituated to solve any type of question. This will help the students in future.

Students should know all the information given in the book thoroughly because most of the questions come from NCERT books. This is why one should clear all the concepts from the NCERT book first instead of using reference books. Whether students are from Science stream or Humanities or Commerce, NCERT books have proper illustrations, examples and explanations for all the concepts.

The content of NCERT books is well researched and written by experts. Therefore, all the concepts and basic principles are clearly explained for easy understanding of the students. They have point wise information about each and every topic mentioned in the syllabus.

There is no exaggeration on the subjects. This makes it easier for students to learn and remember. If a student follows NCERT books completely then all the concepts will become easily clear.

They do not need to refer to any other side book. Too many additional books will create confusion due to difficult language and students will waste time in completing the studies from all the other books. Therefore, instead students can study every line from the NCERT book.

Apart from teaching from the syllabus, additional exercises are also mentioned in NCERT books. These exercises help us learn about new learning and teaching processes and ways to review ourselves. NCERT books are also useful for preparing for various entrance and competitive exams.

The detailed and necessary information helps students to easily make notes for exam preparation. The questions that come in these examinations are direct, simple and issue based. There is no variation in questions. NCERT books are written in simple language and contain concise information. He does not have any exaggerated information. This helps students to learn concepts faster and understand everything easily.

NCERT books are available all over the country so there will be no problem in finding them. If someone does not want to buy them then they can also download them online. NCERT books are easily available online. All these features and importance of NCERT books make a person to like NCERT books.

Some books give only bookish knowledge but NCERT teaches about all round development. They teach more than academics. But at the end of the day, it does not matter which books one has used for preparation. Every book has its own importance. They should not be compared. What matters is what one has achieved and learned in life.

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