MCQ Questions for Class 9 Hindi Kshitij Chapter 1 दो बैलों की कथा with Answers

Question 1.
What inspiration do we get from the text ‘The Tale of Two Bulls’?
(a) we should work hard
(b) must serve the master
(c) Freedom requires struggle
(d) The enemy must load the enemy.


Answer: (c) Struggle is necessary for freedom

Question 2.
Which qualities of Gold put it in the category of sages?
(A) diligence
(b) study
(c) power power
(d) abdication


Answer: (c) Endurance
That power quality which brings one into the category of sages and great sages.

Question 3.
Which quality in a friend is more developed than that of a human being?
(A) Ignore the feelings of the mind
(b) to work hard
(c) to differentiate between good and bad
(d) dealing with documents


Answer: (a) Ignore the feelings of the mind

Question 4.
“But women are prohibited from driving railways” – which statement is this?
(A) pearl
(b) diamond
(c) Jhuri’s
(d) Gaya’s


Answer: (B) Diamond
This universe belongs to Heera.

Question 5.
‘If a bull is born then how far will we survive from birth?’ What is this?
(A) Kanji of protector of Hos
(B) Jhuri’s
(c) Gaya’s
(d) pearl


Answer: (a) Kanji of the winner of Hos
This statement is from Moti.

Question 6.
Whose interpretation is that one should not run a bullock cart on a bullock cart?
(A) pearl
(b) diamond
(c) Gaya’s
(d) Shuri’s


Answer: (B) Diamond
This statement is from Diamond.

Question 7.
‘Bathiya Ka Tau’ What is the meaning of rose flower?
(a) brother of the bull
(b) sand
(c) foolish person
(d) crusher bull


Answer: (c) Foolish person
For a foolish person.

Question 8.
‘The story of two bulls’ indicates which fight?
(A) Towards the battle of Tala
(B) Towards the First World War
(c) towards freedom struggle
(d) India towards China war


Answer: (c) towards freedom struggle

Question 9.
Heera-Moti were given dry straw to eat both times
(A) did not want to spend much on oxen
(b) Due to poverty, it was not in his power to buy cake etc.
(c) He was saddened by Heera-Moti’s behavior
(d) He was not aware of the contents of the blank etc.


Answer: (A) did not want to spend much on oxen

Question 10.
Where did the two bulls go after running away from home for the first time?
(A) Jhuri’s house
(B) Kanji in Haus
(c) in the pea field
(d) along the canal


Answer: (A) Jhuri’s house
Jhuri’s house.

Question 11.
What was the name of Jhuri’s brother-in-law?
(A) went
(B) Bajrang
(c) Sukhiya
(d) coriander


Answer: (a) went
Shuri’s brother-in-law was named.

Question 12.
What was the name of Jhuri’s bulls?
(A) Hariya and Dhoni
(B) Chanda and Tara
(c) Shiva and Jai
(d) diamond and pearl


Answer: (D) Diamond and Pearl

Question 13.
When did Premchand die?
(A) in 1926
(b) in 1936
(c) in 1946
(d) in 1935


Answer: (B) in 1936
Premchand died in 1996.

Question 14.
Which of the following is not Premchand’s?
(A) Doha Kosh
(B) amphitheater
(c) Godan
(D) Karmabhoomi


Answer: (A) Doha Kosh
‘Doha Kosh’ is the creation of Sarhapa.

Question 15.
Where was Premchand born?
(A) in Elangana
(B) in Lucknow
(c) In Lamhi village near Varanasi
(d) Near Agra in Uttar Pradesh


Answer: (c) In Lamhi village near Varanasi.

Multiple choice questions based on passage

Never heard or seen Gould getting angry. Look slowly, kill the poor person, he is as bad as a coward, put rotten grass in front of him, there was never even a shadow of unrest visible on his face. In Vaishakh you suddenly take him away; But we never saw her being beautiful. His face is marked with a sad look. Happiness-sorrow, loss-profit, he was not seen in any condition. These are the qualities of sages and sages, they have all reached their pinnacle. But the man calls him an idiot. I have never seen such disrespect for virtues anywhere.

Question 1.
What kind of creature is this?
(A) violent
(b) tolerant
(c) unruly
(d) of leper nature


Answer: (B) tolerant

Question 2.
What kind of expression appears on a gay’s face?
(A) feeling of anger
(B) feeling of jealousy
(c) permanent sadness
(d) sense of dissatisfaction


Answer: (c) Permanent melancholy

Question 3.
Which quality of sages is found in gold?
(A) Yoga practice
(b) philanthropy
(c) of scholarship
(d) To live with equal feelings in happiness and sorrow.


Answer: (d) To live with equal feelings in happiness and sorrow.

Question 4.
What is the manufacturer of the globe?
(A) essay
(b) saint
(c) helpless
(d) predatory animals


Answer: (A) Portable

Question 5.
The word ‘virtue’ will have the prefix
(A) S.D
(b) saint
(c) true
(d) true


Answer: (c) True

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