MCQ Questions for Class 10 Hindi Kshitij Chapter 15 स्त्री शिक्षा के विरोधी कुतर्कों का खंडन

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6. According to the author, Shakuntala’s play Krodh-

(a) is natural

(b) is a sin

(g) is wrong

(d) is unnatural

► (a) Nature is

7. Relation of unbiblical behavior to music-

(a) ok

(b) is a sin

(g) is wrong

(d) is real

►(c) is wrong

8. How did Sita prove her purity?

(a) by telling the truth

(b) jumping into the fire

(g) relationship with home

(d) none of these

► (b) By jumping into the fire

9. Why did Ram abandon Sita?

(a) on auxiliary loan

(b) on theft

(g) Due to total limitation

(d) Knowledge in people’s words

► (d) Knowledge in people’s words

10. Which is not related to reading and writing?

(a) sensible

(b) to be educated

(g) of sin

(d) of character

► (g) of sin

11. According to the author, the present Education system-

(a) name

(b) amendable

(g) good

()d big

► (b) amendable

12. What is the relationship between the writer and the man?

(a) God-devotee

(b) human-human

(g) God-Goddess

(d) slave-master

► (b) human-human

13. On which behavior of well-educated people has the author expressed concern?

(a) helpless and violent

(b) stubborn and gullible

(g) eccentric

(d) none of these

► (a) bad and violent

15. In ancient times, which language was used for women to speak?

(a) Sanskrit

(b) Urbi

(g) Hindi

(d) Prakrit

► (d) Prakrit

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