MCQ Questions for Class 10 Hindi Kshitij Chapter 11 बालगोबिन भगत

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1. What did Balgobin Bhagat sing early in the morning?
(a) bhajan
(b) singing
(g) lullaby
(d) Qawwali
► (a) Bhajan 2. Bhagat ji had kept a special procedure for his sons, because he
(a) was clever
(b) was honest
(g) was talented
(d) had bad luck and bad luck
►(d) Was sad and bored3. What was Bhagat ji doing on the death of his son?
(a) were crying
(b) were laughing
(g) were singing
(d) none of these
► (c) were singing

MCQ questions with answers for Class 10 Hindi Kshitij
4. How is the night of Bhado?
(a) moonlight
(b) Andheri
(c) unsafe
(d) Ujali
► (b) Andheri5. Which quality of the writer Balgobin Bhagat was his fascination?
(a) Simplicity
(b) tolerance
(c) melodious music-singing
(d) none of these
► (c) Sweet music-singing6. What was the time to sing Bhagat ji bhajan?
(a) drum
(b) Dhapli
(g) guitar
(d) Khanjri
► (d) Khanjadi7. Did you perform the last rites of Bhagat ji’s son?
(a) daughter-in-law
(b) the author
(c) Bhagat ji
(d) the neighbor
►(a)Daughter-in-law8. What was Balgobin’s occupation?
(a) farming
(b) finally
(g) Bookseller
(d) none of these
►(a) farming

9. Why did Bhagat ji want to marry his daughter-in-law for the second time after the death of his son?

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