MCQ Questions for Class 10 Hindi Kshitij Chapter 10 नेताजी का चश्मा

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1.What was the statue of Buddhima made from?
(a) of stone
(b) marble
(g) iron
(d) wooden
Answer – (b) Marble

2. What were the constables surprised to see on the statue for the first time since its installation?
(a) hat
(b) hive
(g) glasses
(d) none of these
Answer – (g) Glasses

3. What was known about Havildar Rajput even after leaving Nagaland?
(a) Paanwala’s
(b) the package seller
(c) of the idol
(d) of the birthplace
Answer – (c) of the idol

4. Who disliked the statue of the classics of mythology?
(a) to the constable
(b) to Xebeleons
(g) to the paanwala
(d) to the package seller
Answer – (d) Clause one

5. By what name did people call the lodge owner?
(a) constable
(b) Captain
(g) police
(d) Police Station Officer
Answer – (b) Captain

6. What difference was once seen in the statue of Nagaland Havildar from Nagaland?
(a) There were no glasses on the statue.
(b) Architecture took place.
(c) It was an objectivist organization.
(d) none of these
Answer – (a) There were no glasses on the statue.

7. Whom did the constable not like to make fun of?
(a) of the statue
(b) paanwala’s
(g) package seller
(d) of the country
Answer: (g) Paneerwala’s

8. What was Paanwala to the package seller?
(a) Captain
(b) mad
(g) honest
(d) poor
Answer – (b) mad

9.What was the ideology of the idol of the wise?
(a) 4 feet
(b) 3 feet
(g) 5 feet
(d) 2 feet
Answer – (d) 2 feet

10. Seeing whom did the inquisitive smile on the constable’s face fail?
(a) to the paanwala
(b) to the child
(g) the face of the statue
(d) none of these
Answer – (c) Regarding the statue

11. Why did Havildar Saheb become sad?
(a) On the sattvik nature of the world
(b) Seeing the statue of the wise man
(g) Seeing the paanwala
(d) none of these
Answer – (a) On the sattvik nature of the world

12. What was the feeling in the heart of the paanwala?

(a) hatred

(b) enthusiasm

(g) to see

(d) none of these

Answer – (c) to see

13. What was the nature of the constable?

(a) eccentric

(b) mad

(c) nominated

(d) patriot

Answer – (d) Patriot

14. Reed glasses will be installed on the mathematical statue?

(a) the paanwala

(b) the author

(g) The constable

(d) a child

Answer – (d) A child

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