MCQ Questions for Class 10 Hindi Kshitij Chapter 1 सूरदास के पद

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1. In whose company are you immersed in love?

(a) Krishna’s

(b) Gopis

(g) friend’s

(d) none of these

► (a) Krishna’s

2. Have the Gopis become enamored with the descendants?

(a) Uvs-Prem

(b) love for Krishna

(c) love of music

(d) none of these

► (b) Krishna-love

3. What kind of feelings do the Gopis feel towards Krishna?

(a) of hatred

(b) of anger

(c) of love

(d) of hatred

► (c) of love

4. What do the Gopis consider themselves?

(a) coward

(b) weak

(g) Abla

(d) destination

► (c) Abla

5. Who is waiting for the arrival of Krishna?

(a) to the devotees

(b) Usha

(g) Gopis

(d) Yashoda

► (c) Gopis

6. How do the Gopis see Krishna’s behavior?

(a) generous

(b) deceitful

(g) niturr

(d) none of these

►(b) full of deception

7. According to the poet, what is the nature of the Gopis?

(a) fourth

(b) ruthless

(c) arrogant

(d) Bhola

► (d) Bhola

8. Where did the Gopis go to Krishna alone?

(a) Braj

(b) Dwarka

(g) Mathura

(d) Vrindavan


9. Who brought the message of Krishna’s yoga?

(a) u.s.

(b) Balram

(g) servant

(d) none of these

► (a) Answer

10. How is Jesus’ behavior compared to that of the patriarch?

(a) Peepal

(b) lotus

(g) banana

(d) Neem

► (b) Lotus

11. Has the prohibition on love been violated?

(a) Gopis

(b) Usha

(g) The king

(d) Krishna

► (d) Krishna

12. Who are the people who are in the company of Krishna and are attracted by his love?

(a) u.s.

(b) Gopis

(c) Radha

(d) none of these

► (a) Answer

13. Which of these birds has been compared to the Gopis?

(a) coal

(b) peacock

(g) Haril

(d) chakor

► (c) Haril

14. Which message from Krishna did Usha bring?

(a) love message

(b) Anurag-Sandesh

(g) Yoga-sandesh

(d) none of these

► (c) Yoga-sandesh

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