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NEET Physics is the scoring paper in medical entrance examination. Here, you will get NEET Physics MCQ questions for all concepts as per the latest syllabus. Practice more on a regular basis with these NEET Physics objective questions on Air Pollution and improve your subject knowledge and problem-solving skills along with time management. NEET Physics Kinematics multiple choice questions make you feel confident in answering the question in the exam and increase your score to higher.

MCQs on Kinematics

1. Consider two cars M and N. These cars start from the same point and move in a straight line such that their position x isM


Answer: (b) \(\frac{fa}{2(1+b)}\)

2. Below is the distance-time curve traced by the particle. What is the maximum instantaneous velocity of the particle around the point?
Kinematics MCQs for NEET 2
(b) b


Answer: (D) C

3. Below is the graph of a body whose initial velocity v is0, As shown in the graph, the body travels in a straight line with acceleration. Determine the maximum velocity of the body.
Kinematics MCQs for NEET 3
(A) V0−4 o’clock0
(wife0+4 o’clock0
(d) \(v_Education+\frac{9}{2}\left(a t_Education\right)\)


Answer: (d) \(v_Education+\frac{9}{2}\left(a t_Education\right)\)

4. What will be the shape of the x→y graph, if the relation between time and displacement of the moving body is t = 2αx2 Where α is a constant.
(a circle
(b) straight line
(c) parabola
(d) hyperbola


Answer: (d) Hyperbola

5. If an object moves on a semicircular path whose radius is R, then which of the following statements is true?
(a) 2R is the displacement of the body
(b) πR is the distance covered by the body
(C) Both (A) and (B) are correct
(d) none of the above


Answer: (C) Both (A) and (B) are correct

6. What does the area under the acceleration-time graph for a given time interval indicate?
(a) final velocity
(b) distance covered
(c) change in velocity over that time interval
(d) displacement of the particle


Answer: (c) Change in velocity in that time interval

7. When can we say that the resultant of both the vectors is maximum
(a) When vectors are acting in opposite directions
(b) both vectors are acting in the same direction
(c) when the vectors are at right angles
(d) When the vectors are parallel to each other


Answer: (b) Both vectors are acting in the same direction

8. From the bottom, select the unit vector along \(\hat{i}+\hat{j}\)
Kinematics MCQs for NEET 4


Answer: (A) \(\frac{\hat{i}+\hat{j}}{\sqrt{2}}\)

9. A particle of radius R is moving with constant speed in a circular path. The time period of the particle is T. Calculate the time for the following after \(t=\frac{T}{6}\). What is the average velocity of the particle?
Kinematics MCQs for NEET 5


Answer: (C) \(\frac{6 R}{T}\)

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