Importance of Co Curricular Activities Essay for Children

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Importance of Co-curricular Activities Essay: An ideal school gives the students the scope to excel at all levels and a sense of healthy competition. Classwork and homework assigned by teachers have their own academic importance; One who excels in this also wins praise and appreciation from the teachers. But academic specialties alone do not fulfill all the purposes for which the school exists.

importance of essay on co curricular activities

Long essay on importance of co curricular activities in english 500+ words

Below we have given a long essay on importance of co-curricular activities of 500+ words which is useful for class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 and competitive exam aspirants. This long essay on the topic is suitable for class 1 to class 10 students and also for competitive exam aspirants.

The school is a life-making workshop in which the raw material is the nascent mind of the young student. Principals, teachers are the ones who mold this raw material into the ideal mould. For this process, many more activities are needed apart from the classroom to serve the purpose. A young student may have the potential and natural talent to excel in sports and games and he needs to go to the playground and playground for this purpose.

There may be students who have a natural inclination towards creative arts and art room is their area where they should be given a chance to showcase their potential. Even young children in nursery or primary classes can draw lines and draw shapes that can make the onlooker wonder and say – ‘What an idea, how could he imagine that?’ No one can know how much talent is there in the brain of a child.

It can come out only when it is given that opportunity. The school has to provide such opportunities and find pearls from the depths of young minds. Art competitions of students of different levels are activities that need to be organized and excellence in them should be rewarded and encouraged.

Importance of co-curricular activities

There are boys and girls who have the art of speech. He is so confident that he can face the audience and the audience. Elocution competitions and debates give them an opportunity to showcase this hidden talent of theirs. Such inter-class or inter-school competitions should be organized regularly which will motivate them to become good debaters – who knows, they may one day become a Member of Parliament and take what they have achieved during their school days Can bring in good condition in that area.

Cultural shows, theatrical performances and mono-acts are events that schools usually organize and it is very important for schools to organize them. That too is a part of holistic Education. Participation in such events instills in children a sense of self-confidence and enhances the achievements that they have or can develop.

Anything, any activity that helps in the development of the overall personality of a young boy or girl is part of Education and competitions, striving to outdo others is an encouragement that should be provided to a young mind. Such an opportunity is provided to them only through such cultural and extra-curricular activities. opening of personality, development of hidden talents; Promoting intellectual endeavor and opportunity for healthy competition – all these are factors that an educational institution should always encourage, only when it does so, it fulfills its role in the overall Education of the youth.

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10 lines on importance of co curricular activities

Benefits of Co-curricular Activities

FAQs on Importance of Essay on Co-Curricular Activities

1. What is meant by co-curricular activities?

Co-curricular refers to activities, programs, and learning experiences that complement, in some way, what students are learning in school.

2. What are the benefits of co-curricular activities?

  • Social skills and relationship-building.
  • time management skills
  • explore multiple interests
  • develop self-esteem

3. Why are co-curricular activities important in schools, colleges and universities?

Usually, co-curricular activities are done outside the normal classrooms, but they complement the academic curriculum and help in learning by doing. These activities help students develop problem-solving, reasoning, critical thinking, creative thinking, communication and collaborative abilities.

4. What is the importance of co-curricular activities in Education?

Co-curricular activities are a very important part of educational institutions to strengthen the learning in the classroom along with developing the personality of the students.
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