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Essay on annual function in my school: At the end of the year, the school organized the annual function which was the annual celebration of the school. On the occasion, a grand pandal was set up in the school premises with drapes, banners and fringes. On the curtain behind the dias was a large banner – Annual Function 2002.

Long and short essay in english on annual function of my school children and students

Given below are two essays in both long and short form in English for students and children on the topic ‘Annual Function in My School’. The first essay is a long essay of 400-500 words on the annual function in my school. This long essay about annual function in my school is suitable for class 7, 8, 9 and 10 students and also for competitive exam aspirants. The second essay is a short essay of 150-200 words on the annual function in my school. These are suitable for students and kids of class 6 and below.

essay on annual function in my school

Long essay on annual function in my school in english 500+ words

Below we have given a long essay of 500+ words on annual function in my school which is useful for class 7, 8, 9 and 10 and competitive exam aspirants. This long essay on the topic is suitable for class 7 to class 10 students and also for competitive exam aspirants.

The principal had invited an eminent educationist from the capital as the chief guest. Teachers with the help of a batch of students were put in charge of various items of the function. The ceremony was to be held at 4 pm.

essay on annual function in my school

The entire campus and the college building were cleaned; The entire pandal was beautifully decorated. Chairs were arranged for the guests, leaving a passage in the middle for the chief guest to reach the stage. A red carpet was laid on the way. The people in charge of the various items of the ceremony were there since morning, one taking care of this, the other taking care of that. The teacher in charge of the sound system was repeatedly testing the mic – with ‘hello’, ‘hello’. Footlights were arranged and lighting was arranged inside and outside the pandal as well.

The teacher in charge of ‘At Home’ was busy with her group of students in putting the tables, plates, cups in their respective places.

It was a prize distribution ceremony, which was followed by presentation of some cultural items, which were selected as the best in the last evening’s show. The prizes were arranged on large tables on one side of the dais and the teacher in charge was comparing them with the list and arranging them in order.

By 3.30 pm the guests started arriving. Those in charge of welcoming the guests were busy escorting them to their proper portions. The awardees were seated in the same order in a circle arranged for them.

Now it was time for the chief guest to arrive. The Principal and the committee members kept waiting at the gate. The chief guest kept track of the time and reached on time. The Principal welcomed them, introduced them to the committee members and they entered the gate. Girls dressed in school uniform welcomed them by showering flowers on them. The teacher announces the arrival of the chief guests over the mike; The spectators in the pandal stood in their seats till the chief guest took his seat on the dais along with the principal and the chairman of the committee. The atmosphere was gloomy. Garlands were presented to the chief guest by the principal and chairman.

The Principal took the mike and welcomed the chief guest and other distinguished guests of the evening. He presented a brief report of the achievements and future plans of the school during the year.

Then the prize distribution ceremony started. The toppers of all the classes were called to receive the momento. Then a special gold medal was awarded to the ‘Best Student of the Year’ for all round achievements.

The student who topped the board exams was awarded a gold medal and his parents as well as the mother were given due respect. On this all the audience clapped loudly and cheered.

Prizes were also given for cultural programme, debate, quiz competition, on the spot painting competition. This was very encouraging for all the participants.

Then we have presented some specially selected cultural items – dance and songs which were adjudged the best. This was especially in honor of the chief guest.

And then the chief guest was requested to say a few words. He eloquently praised the achievements of the school and congratulated the boys and girls for receiving the awards, while also appreciating the efforts of the teachers and the principal for their guidance. Then he talked about Education and examinations and gave some valuable comments and suggestions.

Thereafter the chairman of the committee thanked the chief guest and all those who graced the school with their presence.

The function ended with the national anthem.

The chief guest and those who were specially invited for the same finally attended the tea party which was also attended by the awardee students. It was a great day for him, a great honour, but he deserved it.
Evening had come. The campus was duly lit up and everyone felt very relieved that the annual function had passed off so successfully.

How to celebrate annual function in school?

10 lines on annual function in my school

  • At the end of the session, the school organizes its annual function.
  • A big pandal was made, duly decorated and a dais with footlights and sound system was also arranged properly.
  • The chief guest was an eminent educationist of the capital.
  • And then the chief guest was requested to say a few words.
  • All the in-charges of different parts of the program were engaged in overseeing their respective parts.
  • It was the annual prize distribution ceremony which concluded the program with some selected cultural items.
  • Arrival of the chief guest, welcome by the principal, presentation of the annual report by the principal, prize distribution, address by the chief guest, vote of thanks by the chairman of the committee.
  • Excerpts from the cultural program presented.
  • The function ended with the national anthem.
  • This was followed by a tea party with the select guests and especially the award winners who thoroughly deserved the honour.

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Essay on annual function in my school frequently asked questions

1. What is Annual Day?

Annual day or function is an internal event of the school or college and they have full right to decide how to celebrate this event.

2. What is the significance of the annual function?

Annual functions are important as they improve the child’s talents and extra-curricular activities.

3. How do you celebrate Annual Day?

Most annual day celebrations begin with the lighting of the lamp by the chief guest followed by a prayer song. Prize distribution is organized for the students who perform well in academic and curricular activities. This will be followed by entertainment and cultural performances.
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