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Animal Rights Essay: Animal rights is the idea or idea that says that some or all animals are entitled to their basic rights such as the right to their own life and other vital needs for survival.

This is the idea that all animals are born free, like humans, and that we should not exploit them for our own needs. The aim of animal rights is to give animals the same rights as humans in that they are not killed or tortured at the hands of people.

Long and Short Essay in English on Animal Rights for Students and Children

We provide essay samples of an extended essay of 500 words and a short piece of 150 words on the topic “Animal Rights” for reference to children and students.

animal rights essay

Long Essay on Animal Rights in English 500 Words

Long Essay on Animal Rights is usually given to class 7, 8, 9 and 10.

Is it injustice to kill animals to feed yourself? If you are a vegetarian or an animal lover, you may find it unethical to kill animals to feed yourself. There are various views on the subject, and ongoing debates and articles attempt to settle the matter.

Animal rights is the thought process that all animals have basic rights like all humans, and they do not deserve to be killed or suffer at our hands. It is best not to view animals as our objects. It is wrong to see them as our resource. If we can accept the fact that animals are not born to be killed or exploited by us, we can take a humane approach to the treatment of animals and then actually discuss animal rights. .

We mistakenly believe that animals are objects that we use. If we adopt this idea then our actions towards them will be immoral and regrettable. If we think that animals have no moral status, we will be extremely indifferent, which is exactly in line with human nature. Wrong thought processes can hinder us from understanding and reasoning about everything in our lives.

Animals are living beings, and we are also living beings. They also feel pain and suffering. Therefore, it is not illogical to consider the issue of animal rights.

Believing that animals have rights does not mean that eating meat is wrong or immoral. People from different backgrounds and religions follow different diets and have different eating habits. Some of them include non-vegetarian food, and some do not.

Eating meat is a lifestyle for some people and others should respect it. But, when we think of animal rights, eating meat is not the only question that comes to mind. Thousands of animals are kept in farms and slaughterhouses. They are raised in extremely harsh environments and eventually die. Many of them are brought and stored in laboratories, and people conduct all kinds of heinous and unimaginable experiments on them.

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Humans torture millions of animals in laboratories every year. They burn, slaughter or starve animals in the name of research, which does not always yield results. Most of the drugs that work on animals may not work for humans or may not have the same efficiency. Therefore, killing animals needlessly and thinking that they have no rights is barbarism.

People should never believe that animals are worthless, dumb creatures. They too have souls and can feel. Their emotions may not be as complex as humans’, but they are worth acknowledging.

Humans are different from other animals. We have a moral compass and try to make sense of the events around us. Therefore, when we think of hurting any living being, it makes us sad.

If you see an abused animal or an injured animal, you can pass by it. If the animal is a domestic animal, you can also report it for abuse, or take it to a vet for treatment. We should realize that it is more peaceful to take care of animals satisfactorily than to kill or capture them. Animals are also emotional creatures like us and are wonderful creations. We should respect them and they also have rights.

Short essay on animal rights in english 150 words

Short Essay on Animal Rights is usually given to classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Animal rights is the idea that all animals have birthrights like humans. This is the liberal thought process where we consider all animals to have basic rights that will protect them from torture, starvation, slaughter, etc. for our benefit.

There are many differences of opinion regarding animal rights. Some people argue that animal rights should be protected, while others argue that there is no need for animal rights.

Those who say that animals have no rights believe this to be true because they see animals as objects that we can exploit when needed. Some people think that animals were created for our pleasure and our needs because we are at the top of the food chain. These people are wrong to a great extent.

All animals have souls and are living beings just like us. They have senses and can feel everything around them, just like humans. Therefore, we are morally obliged to accept the rights of animals and not harvest them.

10 lines in english on animal rights

1. Animal rights is the concept that animals have the same rights as humans.
2. Many people support animal rights, and many people don’t.
3. Many people believe that animal rights should be established to protect the basic needs of all animals.
4. Others believe that animals do not need any rights, and that they exist to meet the needs of humans.
5. It is a misconception that animals are objects to humans and can be used as objects.
6. Animals are treated cruelly in places like animal farms, animal testing laboratories etc.
7. The issue of animal rights is a hotly debated topic.
8. All animals are living organisms and can feel like us. Therefore, we should treat them the same way.
9. In terms of evolution, humans are superior to other animals, but we also belong to the animal kingdom.
10. Unlike other animals, humans have morality. We should use it to support animal rights.

FAQs on Animal Rights Essay

Question 1.
What are animal rights?

Animal rights is the idea that animals deserve the same rights as humans. People who are supporters of animal rights believe that all animals have fundamental rights, such as the right to live and the right not to be tortured.

Question 2.
What is animal testing?

Animal testing is the method of using animals as test-subjects to test drugs and products on animals.

Question 3.
Why are animal rights relevant?

We treat animals as objects and use them as we wish. As ethical human beings, we can also think of considering the rights of animals.

Question 4.
Why should we give rights to animals?

Like humans, animals are also living beings who can sense the events happening around them. Therefore, animals should have the basic right to survive.

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