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  VMC Meeting Minutes



            A VMC Meeting was held in the Vidyalaya library on 15th September, 2018 at 4.00 PM. Brig. V. S. Deshpande, Chairman VMC, K. V. No. 4, Jaipur presided over the meeting in presence of the following esteemed members of VMC :


1.    Mrs. Neelam Singh, Member Secretary and Principal

2.    Lt. Col. Jyoti Thapa, Nominee of the Chairman

3.    Dr. M. C. Bhargava, Member, VMC

4.    Dr. J. P. Tiwari, (PRT) Teacher Representative

5.    Sh. Amarjeet Singh, Member, MES

6.    Mr. Mohit Dubey, Parent Member

7.    Sh. H. C. Tak (H. M.)

8.    Smt. Snehlata Shekhawat (PRT)

9.    Sh. Inder Singh TGT (Eng.)


At the outset Mrs. Neelam Singh, Principal, K. V. No. 4, Jaipur accorded a green welcome to Brig. V. S. Deshpande, Chairman VMC and all other members of VMC and then read out the Action Taken Report of Previous meeting.

      Then the following agenda points were discussed at length for approval / sanction.



  1. The results of the Vidyalaya in Board Examination 2018 & target for 100% results in Board examination 2019.


  1. Implementation of Back to Basics programme in classes I to VIII and conduct of the SLATE examination to measure learning outcomes.


  1. Target to complete the syllabus for different classes in current session.



  1. Progress of Fun Day programmes in the Primary section.





  1. Strengthening the Communication skills among students.








  1. Remedial measures for slow learners.
  • The Chairman and all other members of VMC were informed about the board examination results of the year 2018. Then the Principal told the VMC members that the Vidyalaya has set the target for 100 % result in the board examination 2019.


  • The Principal shared the information about the implementation of Back to Basics programme from classes I to VIII. Shri H. C. Tak, the Headmaster, highlighted the major points about this programme.

The VMC members were informed about the SLATE exam conducted for classes IV, VI, and IX to measure learning outcomes among the students.




  • The Principal informed the VMC members that syllabus of board classes will be wound up by 30th November and after that revision of syllabus and special measures for slow learners will take place.

Even the syllabus of other classes will be completed on time so that enough time may be utilized for revision part and practice.


  • Fun day programmes are being organized successfully in the primary section on every Saturday. Programs on different days have already been chalked out and the children are enjoying them. Experts are being invited for theatre show and other fields. Even other programmes like soft toy making, watching inspirational videos, card making, story reading etc. are being held.
  • The stress is being laid on strengthening the communicative skills of teachers as well as students The principal has asked all the teachers of primary as well as secondary (except Hindi and Sanskrit language teachers) to communicate with the students in English while teaching- learning process is going on and build up an effective and healthy environment for spoken English among the students.

Moreover the Vidyalaya has received some Reading Cards from the regional office, Jaipur to be used by  teachers and further by students in the classes to improve communicative skills.


  • Remedial Classes are being held for slow learners during the morning assembly time. Even during the regular classroom teaching the slow learners are being paid special attention by the subject teachers.









  1. Participation of students in different sports activities at Regional & National level.










  1. SBSB (Swasth Bachche Swasth Bharat) Programme








  1. Completion of Medical checkup of all students of Vidyalaya.


  • The proposal for the development of green field in playground was put up before the VMC members. The principal informed the chairman  that  water connection by MES is  needed for that but MES has no positive response for this even after making many requests in writing by the school authorities. The Vidyalaya had a water connection earlier which was stopped by MES. The Chairman instructed the nominee chairman to look into the matter and enquire about this from MES authorities why they are not giving water connection.


  • The VMC members were informed about the participation of students in different sports activities at Regional and National level and their achievement in various gamers.

The Principal shared the information about sports infrastructure being provided to the students to motivate them to participate more and more so that they may and bag the medals and hold the name of the Vidyalaya in high esteem.

The VMC members were informed that the Vidyalaya was the venue  for Regional Sports Meet 2018-19 in the games of Taekwondo and Shooting (U-14,17,19) for girls and boys both. Further a regional level coaching camp for Taekwondo and Shooting was also held in the Vidyalaya. Both the events were conducted successfully with the incessant efforts of the games teachers and all other staff members.


  • “Swasth Bachche Swasth Bharat” programme is a piolet project initiated by KVS to make the students physically and mentally fit and set a target for olympic medals. Fitness profile cards have been prepared by all the class teachers for the students of their respective classes. Various activities for different age groups have been conducted for the first term and the performance of the students has been recorded in the fitness profile cards. Signature of parents will also be obtained later on these cards. The activities under this programmes are to be conducted twice a year.


  • First round of medical check up has been completed for all the classes in the month of August and the second round will be done in the month of January.
  1. WORKS
  1. Construction of new building for Primary section.



  1. Construction of Roads in the Vidyalaya campus





  1. Tiling of Cycle Stand  and shed for Car parking.



  1. Vinyl flooring in Resource Room and Computer lab.



  • The Principal informed the Chairman and other VMC members that a proposal for amendments in construction of the new building for primary section was sent to MES but there is no response from their side. The Chairman asked the Nominee Chairman to fix a meeting with MES authorities to enquire about why the work is being delayed.


  • The Principal informed the VMC members that an amount of Rs.10 lacs has already been deposited with MES for the construction of roads in the school campus but the work has not been initiated yet by MES. The Chairman asked the representative of MES present in the VMC meeting to look into this matter and do the needful immediately so that this work can be started soon.


  • The proposal for tiling of cycle stand and shed for car parking was sent to KVS (HQ) with an estimate of 22 lac but no response has come yet. The previous financial year is over. So this proposal is to be sent again to KVS (HQ).


  • The flooring of Resource room and Computer Lab is to replaced with the vinyl flooring rather than vitrified tiles as it is less expensive and this work is to be done through open market. The committee approved it unanimously.




  1. New Sofa-set for Principal Chamber.



  1. New furniture for 02 classrooms (One for Primary and one for Secondary)




  • The Principal stated that a new sofa-set costing around 30000/- is to be procured from the open market which was unanimously approved by all the members of VMC.


  • The Principal informed the VMC members that repairing work of all the old furniture has been done and there is no furniture left now to be repaired. But the available furniture is not enough as per the current strength of students. So there is an urgent need to purchase furniture for two classrooms, one for primary section and one for secondary section. The proposal was unanimously approved by all the VMC members.


  1. Repairing of damaged boundary wall



  1. Wired fencing of Boundary wall.



  1. Measures for Safe-Entry and Safe-Exit of students of the Vidyalaya.





  • The Principal informed the VMC members that the boundary wall of the Vidyalaya is in a damaged and deteriorating condition and seems to collapse anytime at some places. So it needs repairing work that will be done by the labours on daily wages as the estimated cost by MES is too high. All the VMC members approved the work unanimously.


  • Keeping in view the safety and security of children, the wired fencing of boundary wall is also required. The VMC members approved the work stating that the work can be commenced soon through open market on daily wages.
  • The Principal told the members of VMC that all the required measures for safe entry and safe exit of the students are being taken. All the drivers of buses, autos and vans have been instructed to drop and pick up the students inside the school premises only. Moreover the teachers teaching in the last period escort the students up to the main gate of the school to see them off.

     The Chairman suggested to perform safety drills sometimes to make the    

      students aware about their safety in any emergency situation.


The Principal informed the Chairman and other VMC members that some people from Eka Jal Private Limited, Ganesh Nagar, Sodala (Jaipur) approached to install a big water dispenser machine outside the main gate of the school for public use. They submitted the documents of NOC from JDA. They need a water connection and an electricity connection to run the machine. They are even ready to pay the bill of electricity consumed for this. The chairman assured to give permission to install the water unit and will further clarify whether the land belongs to Army or not.


  1. The Chairman asked the Principal to arrange visits of students (IX to XII) to Army area to see the exhibition of Arms and equipments under the program “Know your Army”.
  2. The students can be shown some inspirational movies in Army auditorium.
  3. Some experts are conducting Phonetics Workshop for Army personnel and they can be invited to conduct such workshops for   teachers as well as students.
  4. The Chairman suggested to count K. V. No. 4, Jaipur as an army asset, not any separate entity.
  5. The Chairman expressed his wish to interact with parents of children during next PTM, if possible.





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