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  VMC Meeting Minutes



A VMC meeting was held in the Viodyalaya Library on 29th of March 2017 at 12:00 noon . Brig. M N Sajan, Chairman, VMC, KV No 4 Jaipur presided over the meeting in presence of the following esteemed members of VMC :

  1. Lt. Col. Jyoti Thapa, Nominee Chairman, VMC
  2. Prof. M C Bhargawa, Member
  3. Col. Arjun Singh (Retd.), Member
  4. Smt. Anita Sharma, Parent Member
  5. Shri Nandan Singh Bisht, Parent Member
  6. Smt. Divya Mathur, Teacher Member
  7. Shri Hemraj, Representative of G.E. South & Member
  8. Shri Manveer Singh Meena, Member Secretary & I/C Principal


At the outset, Shri Manveer Singh Meena, I/CPrincipal, Kendriya Vidyalaya No 4 Jaipur welcomed Brig. M N Sajan, Chairman, VMC and all other VMC members and then read outthe Action Taken Report of previous meeting. The Chairman and all the members of VMC unanimously approved the ATR along with some valuable suggestions. The committee suggested purchasing of 62.5 kv generator and Riso Machine (copy and printing) from open market through proper procedure as soon as possible.

Then the following agenda points were discussed at length for approval/ sanction :


                    Agenda Points

    Action/Suggestions by VMC

  1. Revised Estimate of Budget 2017-18.

The committee agreed to approve the revised budget 2017-18.

  1. Ex- post facto sanction for the year 2015-16


The VMC approved Ex- post facto sanction as per KVS norms.

  1. Fixing of date for single girl child admission in class 1  through lottery for the session 2017-18

The Chairman said that the suitable date can be fixed and the nominee chairman will be sent on the day of lottery for single girl child admission.

  1. Installation of three water coolers and RO / UV filters for Students and staff members

The committee unanimously approved and suggested to purchase the items by inviting quotations or from open market.

  1. Purchase of furniture for classes, staff room, Library and Labs

The committee unanimously approved to purchase the furniture for classes, staff room, Library and Labs as per norms.

  1. Shed for morning assembly area for the protection of students from sunlight and rain

The committee unanimously approved to cover the morning assembly area observing the feasibility and cost of the work as per KVS norms.

  1. Family cards of the students to be introduced for the safety and security purpose

The committee agreed to introduce family cards for the safety and security of students. Only guardian or family members should be allowed to carry their wards with them if needed.

  1. Approval of Shed for staff vehicle parking near the entrance

The committee unanimously approved to build the shed for staff parking. Open parking doesn’t protect vehicles from sunshine and rain.

  1. Replacing the old deteriorating aluminium wiring with copper wiring in the whole school building & underground cable from transformer to main building

The committee unanimously approved the required work.

  1. Renovation of Physics lab (granite platform for equipments, Non-skid tiles on PCC floor, wall tiles up to 600 mm height, Covering of existing platform with wooden doors etc.)

The committee suggested that the Physics lab must be renovated as per the benchmark of a lab and all the required alteration work can be done at the earliest.

  1. other Points with the permission of honorable Chairman VMC –
  1. CSD Canteen facility for KV4 staff members


The chairman replied that canteen facility is provided to army personnel only so it is not possible to provide any canteen facility to KV staff as per government rules.

  1. Disciplinary action against the indecent students who are spoiling the environment of the school

The Chairman VMC said that a strict action can be initiated against the students if they don’t behave properly even after giving frequent warnings and adequate scope for improvement.

  1. Motivational and career oriented seminars/programmes on behalf of the army personnel

The chairman agreed to send army officers for educational programmes and career guidance

  1. Other suggestions by the members of VMC
  1. First aid facility should be provided to the students in ECHS.
  2. A “Non- Vending Zone” board can be put up just outside the main entrance.
  3. The games period should have realistic advantage.
  4.  A list for inviting expertise in various subjects including health problems can be prepared and get signed by the Chairman. Class XII students must be guided for career options after class XII.






Brig. M N Sajan

322 Brigade

The Chairman, VMC

Copyright & All Right Reserved to KV No. 4 Jaipur